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Criminal Lawyers Sydney

Many criminal lawyers Sydney are being hired for one thing -assistance for drink driving offences. It is important that you have the best legal counsellors to help you when it comes to very serious charges like drink driving.

Drink driving, not many of you might know, is actually a criminal charge. It is not merely a traffic violation wherein you are asked to pay a fine to compensate for the wrong that you did. Driving under the influence (DUI) charges are to be tried in court and listed in the person’s criminal record.

Can you imagine how distressing this could be for the person charged? The profile of people that are arrested and convicted for drink driving are not your average criminal. Many times they are people who have been to parties or get-togethers where alcohol is served and they get pulled over for a random breath testing and they are arrested.

Of course this is not to say that random breath testing is an unreasonable practice. Not at all! It is important that the government does all that it can to keep the roads clear from potentially dangerous drivers, including people who have had too much to drink. However, it is not your ability to drive or how affected you seem to be at the time that will be considered—it is the amount of alcohol in your bloodstream that will be the basis of your charge.

To be charged with DUI, the law will have to prove that you are on the road, driving a vehicle, with a prescribed concentration of alcohol in your bloodstream that exceeds the allowed amount. Aside from the breath analysis test, the police may also ask you to undergo several tests to prove whether you are incapable of operating a vehicle at the time of the arrest.

If you are convicted of DUI charges, you have the option to defend yourself, apply for a Legal Aid lawyer, or hire a lawyer yourself. People in the lower income brackets may opt for the first two choices—however if you have the means, it will be better for you to obtain your own defence team to help you with these charges.

Criminal lawyers in Sydney will help you understand your rights and defend them for you in ways you cannot do for yourself. You have to understand that the laws pertaining to drink driving offences can be very complex and having a professional group of people whose main objective is to aid you through this trying time will go a long way in giving you the best possible outcome in court.

There is no excuse to be a danger on the road, but it is also important that the rights of the people being charged are protected. It is, after all, everyone’s concern that we live in a city where we are safe from drunk drivers, as well as potentially undeserved convictions due to ignorance.  -> Criminal lawyers Sydney.