Legal Advice For Assault Charges

assault charges

When charged with an assault case, it is very important that you understand why you have been charged and your rights. You will be facing different penalties also from fines to long-term imprisonment. It depends on the circumstances and the seriousness of your offence.

Assault charges are usually allegations of deliberate physical contact meant to be harmful against another person. The terms “assault” and “battery” are often used interchangeably, though to be precise, an assault is the indication that a physical attack is imminent, and battery is the actual physical contact.

To assault someone, abuse them, physically or verbally can have serious implications. Whether it is a domestic assault or a workplace assault, the accused has to prove their innocence or plead guilty to get some respite in the case. You need the best criminal lawyer to understand the different aspects of the case and defend accordingly.

It is critical that you work with a defense team that has specific experience and proven results in these types of cases. Dont let just anyone try your case; consult someone you can trust. It is critical that you aggressively fight against the charges. To have the best chance of obtaining a case dismissal, sentence reduction, or acquittal, you need an assault lawyer who will aggressively defend you in court.


If we talk about professional criminal defense attorneys, Criminal Lawyers Sydney are the best, come to know that they are specialized in different types of cases such as domestic assault charges, forgery, fraud, murder, shoplifting charges, property offences like theft, robbery, and much more. For lawyers, it is required to analyze each and every case deeply to deliver best of their services.

For the common charges, one may expect that there are several kinds of penalties. A penalty will be readily available by the moment that one is guilty of assault. Another form of penalty that you may opt for is to pay for fines if you do not want the other way.

However, all other charges are felonies and they fall under First Degree and Second Degree. First degree assault occurs when very serious injury (such as disfigurement or amputation) is attempted on and suffered by another person.


There are various technicalities connected to such cases and only an experienced attorney will be able to find the best options and fight your case to reduce the penalties if possible. The lawyer you hire should be specialised in such charges. It goes without saying that an experienced lawyer will be able to fight your case better. You can check with people you know, before you hire the services of an attorney. Though your lawyer will be handling the actual case, you will still have to prepare for the case.

If you have been charged with an assault charges, you have the right to hire a criminal lawyer to defend you. You must take it seriously and you must hire well experienced lawyers that specialised and have handled assault cases. You need to act immediately to protect your rights. Contact the criminal Lawyers Sydney immediately and schedule an initial consultation.

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